How to Make Seaweed Soap ?

one year ago

Seaweed contains some of active components and rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acid that naturally stimulate the skin’s response to ageing and skin flaws. Some cosmetic industry has been using seaweed as the raw material of their products.

Seaweed soap is one of the cosmetic products that use seaweed or sea algae in its basic components. You can easily find them in cosmetic store or related store that offers environmentally friendly products. But do you know that we can make it in our own home in the simple way?

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Here’s, we tell you some steps to make your own seaweed soap. First, you need to prepare all the thing you needed, such as melt-and-pour soap base, knife, stove, cooking pot, water, heat-proof mixing bowl, spoon, 2 sheet crumbled nori (seaweed), soap molds, and paper to wrap soap. After, you can follow the steps bellow!

Step 1 | Cut your soap base into blocks. Soap base is a pre-made soap ready for additives such as fragrance, color or herbs. The base may already be perforated to show you where and how to cut your blocks.

Step 2 | Fashion a double boiler by adding water to a cooking pot and bringing it to a boil. Place a heat-safe mixing bowl over the boiling water. This is a gentle way to melt your soap base without drying it out or burning it.

Step 3 | Add the soap base blocks to the mixing bowl portion of your double boiler, stirring often until the base is melted.

Step 4 | Mix two sheets of crumbled nori (the seaweed used to make sushi) into the soap base. The nori is dry and very easy to crumble using only your hands.

Step 5 | Remove the soap from the stove, allowing it to cool slightly (two to three minutes).

Step 6 | Carefully pour the soap into soap molds and allow it to harden. The soap should harden in about two hours.

Step 7 | Remove the soap from the mold, and store in a cool, dry, airtight container (sandwich bag or wrapped in paper).

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Related topic: Is Seaweed Just Recommended For Oily Skin? We Investigate.

Now, you got your own seaweed soap. For some tip, you can also add some oil tree or green aromatic leaves to make more fragrance of your soap.


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