BRIWork Agro Hub IPB Invites Students to Get to Know Seaweed Innovation and Learn its Culinary Processes

11 months ago

BRIWork Agro Hub IPB invited IPB University students to have a useful ngabuburit by holding a seaweed education class. This activity was Sunset Talks with the topic 'Cuan from Seaweed Product Innovation? Who's Afraid?" at BRIWork Agro Hub IPB Building (12/4).

Invited Prof Nurjanah, Professor of IPB University from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK) who discussed the potential of seaweed and Utami Sri Rahayu Owner of Sushi and Siomay Se'gi who taught seaweed sushi preparations.

Prof Nurjanah explained various seaweed-based innovation products that have been commercialized by IPB University. For example, Gamy salt, Rubi instant drink, and Wedlyn cosmetics.

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"Indonesia is one of the largest seaweed producers in the world and processed food from seaweed has a very promising market. Seaweed is also increasingly loved because it is easy to process and a good source of fiber for health," he explained.

Gamy Salt, for example, is aimed at people with hypertension and quality healthy living. Developed since 2016, it is made from brown and green seaweed that is rich in antioxidants. This innovation was awarded the 2nd Winner of GIO Bogor District 2019 and Innovation 111 Indonesia.

"After going through pre-scale up production, this salt is also applied to various products. For example, in SEAKO instant drinks, ENDUL instant seasoning and ENDOGE instant eggs. It is also used to make SEABID body scrub from seaweed salt residue," said Prof Nurjanah.

The next innovation, he continued, is Rubi, an instant high-fiber powder drink that prevents colorectal cancer. The drink is made from local resources Sargassum sp, purple sweet potato and red ginger.

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Prof Nurjanah mentioned, Rubi has several advantages, including high food fiber enriched with antioxidants to ward off various types of diseases. This drink also uses local ingredients native to Indonesia, without preservatives, long shelf life and practical.

"This product has long-term prospects that have real benefits for the economy of Bogor Regency residents, especially socially and environmentally in various sectors as a sustainable business to open new jobs," he continued.

She also showed Wedlyn, a seaweed-based cosmetics product that already has a patent. This product has entered the scale-up of production and marketing of products online and offline. (MW/Rz) (IAAS/NVA)

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